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The legacy we leave for the future residents of Decatur will not emerge from any one organization. It’s a responsibility we share — and rise to meet — collectively.


vidence of our shared commitment is everywhere if we we take the time to look. Many hands, working both individually and in concert, producing good works that inspire and multiply. From Legacy Decatur’s own endeavors, to those of the groups we support, to the many other organizations and individuals who step up daily to improve our community, each tells a story worth sharing.

Meet some of the people, organizations, and projects making Decatur a better place. Not just for today, but as a lasting legacy for tomorrow.

The Fruits of Our Labor
The Legacy Park orchard is emblematic of the best a community can be. Enjoy the tasty story here.

Making Space for All
Our community’s commitment to inclusion is on full display at Legacy Park’s new playground. Get the story here.

Passing the Baton
Legacy Decatur’s Madeleine Henner takes the reins as our new executive director. Get to know her here.

Magic in the Music
The Frank Hamilton School at Legacy Park is home to a musical legend, building community one student at a time. Meet the man behind it here.

For the Love of Birds
Legacy Park has emerged as one of the region’s premier avian sanctuaries. Get schooled on all things birds here.

An Incubator for Good Works
So much good happens here every day. For people. For the planet. Meet the diverse nonprofits of Legacy Park here.

Drink Well, Do More
The Decatur Craft Beer Festival and S.U.D.S., its successor, have turned beer appreciation into $1.5 million worth of good works. Learn all about it here.

Lovely as a Tree
Dr. Jane Goodall’s visit to Legacy Park helps showcase the ethos of environmental stewardship that thrives here. Read more here.

A Pause to Reflect
We’re taking a moment to ask Legacy Park’s nonprofit tenants to reflect on gratitude — not for what they’ve given but for what they’ve received. Read more here.

Oakhurst Porchfest
Experience a grassroots community music festival where front porches become stages, yards become venues, and radical generosity and good will rule the day.

Decatur Trees
Previous generations planted the trees we enjoy today. To make the most of their contributions, it’s incumbent on us to pay it forward.

L’Arche Atlanta
Tucked away on Oakhurst’s Mead Road, L’Arche Atlanta has created a supportive space for adults with intellectual disabilities. It’s not just a home. It’s family.

Oakview Walk
The Oakview Walk project brings 34 new affordable homes to the Oakhurst neighborhood, and Decatur Housing Authority’s total number of units citywide to 484.

Safe Routes to School
Every morning and afternoon, a troop of crossing guards helps make Decatur’s Safe Routes to School even safer. Get to know one of them.

Legacy Cross Country Trail
Think of Legacy Park as a blank canvas for our ambitions. Here’s how one man’s passion resulted in the finest cross country trail inside the perimeter.


500 S. Columbia Drive
Decatur, Georgia 30030
(678) 529-9280