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Our Mission

We grow programs, partnerships, and resources that create and support a positive legacy for Decatur.

Our efforts are particularly focused on housing opportunity, community-building, and the environment — and on supporting grassroots groups whose own efforts align with ours.

An Attainable Decatur

A place for all makes space for all.

Housing opportunity in Decatur isn’t just about income. It’s also about availability. An inclusive community features housing across the economic spectrum. Single family homes. Townhomes. Apartments and condos, new, old, and subsidized. Duplexes and triplexes. Backyard cottages and granny flats. A diversity of types for a diversity of folks.

We work to identify the gaps where housing diversity — and with it, human diversity — is lacking, then pursue and support policies and projects that promote housing availability across income levels.

A Connected Decatur

Weaving together the fabric of community.

The city we share today is testament to Decatur’s longstanding spirit of interdependence. We’ve elevated one another during the good times, and lent mutual support when times got tough. Through the decades we’ve solidified a sense of community that’s the envy of the region.

But as times and circumstances change, so too does our ability to stay connected. To remain whole requires intention and opportunity. That’s why our efforts specialize in bringing people together, and supporting the city’s many informal groups doing the same. 

A Green Decatur

A diverse and verdant landscape for a resilient future.

A green community is an active community. And a social community. And a healthy community. From daybreak over Decatur’s historic cemetery to an afternoon exploring Legacy Park to wooded pathways and pocket parks tucked away in unexpected places, we thrive when nature and neighbors intersect.

A green Decatur involves the work of many hands, as grassroots groups throughout the city make small but meaningful contributions to the whole. We support these groups, and develop proactive and forward-focused programs of our own that further contribute to Decatur’s green future.


500 S. Columbia Drive
Decatur, Georgia 30030
(678) 529-9280