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An oasis for Decatur dogs and the people who love them.

The Oakhurst Dog Park is located near the intersection of East Lake Drive and Second Avenue on land owned by the City of Decatur, who also provides its basic maintenance, trash pick-up, poop-bags, periodic mowing and tree work, and the occasional dog-owner intervention. The Oakhurst Dog Park Committee augments these efforts, providing additional upkeep, improvements, education, and dispute resolution.

The Oakhurst Dog Park is:

  • One of the top dog parks in the state
  • A beautiful community greenspace for dogs, trees, and humans
  • Busy, with an average of 400 unique visits per week, and up to 800 during great weather conditions
  • A community meeting spot
  • A great place to be

A previous Dog Park Committee fundraising campaign raised more than $3,000 for the park, and contributed to the installation of trees, a pollinator garden, and agility equipment for the dogs. 

Today, ongoing tax-deductible contributions are building towards:

  • Additional pollinator garden plants, seeds, trees, and equipment
  • Professional landscaper to help move mulch/rocks to improve drainage and flow
  • More agility equipment
  • Tools

How You Can Help

The group welcomes assistance from the Oakhurst community and beyond in all kinds of ways:

  • Make a tax-deductible donation to our efforts
  • Contribute to 4-6 community workdays per year
  • Place and remove church parking signs on Sundays
  • Spread wood chips (always, and forever…) on muddy patches, holes, paths in the forest, and heavily trafficked areas
  • Clean and maintain the water area
  • Contribute to our pollinator garden — weed, plant new flowers, mulch, etc.
  • Maintain our forested area — arrange and maintain current paths, rake, cut invasive vines, pick up trash, rebuild soil with bags of leaves, etc.
  • Maintain entrance area foyer (“airlock”) — sweep, change bags when empty, straighten up, etc.
  • Keep message board and surrounding area clean and current
  • Remove litter outside fence area (along East Lake Drive)
  • Join the Dog Park Committee



Lee Goldsmith  |  Fearless Leader

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500 S. Columbia Drive
Decatur, Georgia 30030