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Bringing track and field to Decatur’s Legacy Park.

The Legacy Park Athletics and Recreation Coalition (LPARC) is a working committee of community stakeholders that includes parents of children attending City Schools of Decatur, City Schools of Decatur athletic coaches, local business owners, volunteers, and other like-minded citizens who have a personal interest in the future development of a track and field facility at Legacy Park.

The Coalition is working collaboratively with Legacy Decatur, the City of Decatur, and City Schools of Decatur to create active living opportunities for people of all ages, generations and abilities, and is seeking to engage public and private partnerships to ensure the long-term success and sustainability of the entire park for generations to come.

Thus far, the Coalition has launched an extensive facility design process, including the development of a detailed program with input from the City of Decatur and the CSD Athletic Department. This includes a full track and synthetic turf field, as well as a field house with bathrooms and concessions to be added in a later phase.

The estimated cost, based on concepts developed by Breedlove Land Planning, is just under $4 million.

How You Can Help

LPARC welcomes assistance from the Decatur community and beyond. Here’s how:

Join Us

All interested parties are welcome to join us. The only requirements are a positive attitude and a willingness to contribute to the process while respecting the culture of our city and our shared values of diversity, inclusion, health, and wellness through our built environment.

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Adam Pinsley

Adam Pinsley  |  Coalition Contact

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